About us

Treasures for living spaces

Baumarkt Antiqua rediscovers 'building materials' stemming not only from Austria’s architectural history, but also from Spain, Italy and France for our clients.

Never simply a stone – rather a fragment of history …

The mystery of historical building materials lies in their individuality. In contrast to industrial levelling, each piece has its distinctive soul.

Stepping onto such a historical tiled or terracotta floor, no one stride can be the same as the next. The tile gaps are free of sterile symmetry and the irregularities enrich the image, so that in spite of each stone’s autonomy a harmonic whole presents itself.

Old combined with new – an attractive combination

Old lays claim to be referred to as living. Such warmth and character with modern materials is seldom achieved. Yet in a modern environment, selected antiques can present an attractive contrast while enhancing contemporary pieces.
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